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Magic Photo Frame

Magic Photo Frame

What is GoarSoft Magic Framework?

GoarSoft Magic Frame combines your photos with your video memories, allowing you to communicate with your loved ones through your memories! With GoarSoft Magic Frame, you can send personalized instant messages with various animations. These messages magically start appearing only by the person you gifted the photo frame to when they look at the photo with our app.



You can send us the photos to be printed on your frame and the videos to be played on it, right after your order, by filling the relevant fields at the link

A 1-minute music clip will be made "SPECIAL FOR YOU" from the videos and photos you send. Thus, thanks to our frame-specific application, your video clip plays as if it is a part of that frame! While you are always with your loved ones, you can surprise them with instant messages you send to the frame. :)

  • Fotoğraf ve Videolarınızın Gönderimi ve Tavsiyeler

    Click here to send us the photo to be printed on your frame and the video that will play on it. Make sure that your video does not exceed 1.5 minutes.


    • If your photo is vertical so that the photo and video appear as a whole, it is important that your video is also vertical. If you have chosen a horizontal photo print, it would be appropriate to send a horizontal video.
    • Photo quality will affect the print. For this reason, choose high resolution photos.
    • If you have a photo album, not a video, we can make a video of photos for you. For this, it will be enough to write a small note to us.
    • If there is music that you especially want for your video, please note it.
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